Thursday, September 17, 2015

Teen injured by stray bullet

Today Deputies responded to a report of a man who was injured after being hit in the head by a bullet.

After responding to the 6900 block of Zuercher Rd (north of US 250) deputies learned that the 17 year old was plowing a field with a team of horses when the teen felt a hard blow to the top of his head.

The young man then walked to his home and a neighbor called 911 on the victims behalf. The victim was then transported to the hospital where a .22 caliber bullet was removed from his head. The bullet did not penetrate the skull and the victim was treated and released.

It appears that the bullet was fired from a great distance away and simply fell from the sky and struck the victim. Neither the victim or others in the area report hearing any shots.
We believe that the round was fired by a person to was hunting or target shooting some distance away. Anyone with information should contact Captain Hunter at 330-287-5758.

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