Monday, September 29, 2014

Mathew R. Dillon charged with felonious assault

Mathew Dillon
A message from Sheriff Hutchinson…

On Saturday my deputies responded to a horrific crime involving the stabbing of a 93 year old woman who remains in guarded condition. At the time of the initial call, my deputies had few leads. Literally nothing more than a young man driving a red vehicle. I am pleased to say that within hours the suspect was in custody.

Arrested and currently charged with felonious assault, is Mathew R. Dillon age 24 who’s last known address  is 757 Township Rd. 350 Sullivan Ohio. Dillon is currently incarcerated in the Ashland County Jail.

The timeline of this case is as follows…

On Saturday at 3:40pm Wayne County deputies responded to a residential alarm in the 6000 block of Myers Rd. At that time the deputies discovered that an unknown person had forced entry into the unoccupied home. Upon returning to the home the owners stated that a nail gun was missing.

While responding to the Myers Rd. call a second call was received at 3:45 pm of a woman being stabbed in the 5400 block of Bates road. This location is approximately 1.5 miles from the Myers Rd location. Upon arrival the deputies learned that a man driving a red vehicle had came to the home asking for gasoline. When the victim told the man she could not help him, she was attacked and suffered multiple stab wounds in her chest, abdomen and arm.

While this investigation was taking place, a third incident occurred on county road 620 in Ashland County. In that incident, an Amish female reported that she was being harassed by a man driving a red Jeep Cherokee.

Shortly after the Ashland County incident took place, a Trooper from the Ohio Highway patrol discovered the Jeep Cherokee had crashed in a ditch. Responding officers discovered blood on the vehicle as well as other evidence linking the suspect to both the Wayne County burglary and the felonious assault.

The Ohio Bureau of investigation processed the vehicle Sunday evening and we will be forwarding evidence to the crime lab for further examination.

A common question in cases like this one is “why”. Naturally this investigation is ongoing but there is no good reason for such a vicious attack. .The suspect has no felony record but has been convicted of several misdemeanor crimes such as drug possession, and underage drinking.

I would like to express my thanks to all of the officers involved in bringing this case to the point that we are today. The sharing of information between the involved agencies proved critical to the quick capture of this violent offender.

Any abuse or violence against anyone...especially the elderly, will simply not be tolerated by my office or the citizens of Wayne County. As a community, we will always use every available resource to bring criminals such as Mr. Dillon to justice.

Additional charges may be filed as this case moves forward.

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