Saturday, September 27, 2014

Deputies investigate the stabbing of 93 year old woman

UPDATE.. As of 7:30 pm a suspect is in custody. Further details will be released as this case develops.

 The Wayne County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating the stabbing and assault of a 93 year old Chester Twp. woman.

Deputies responded to the woman home in the 5400 block of Bates road shortly after 4pm today. Upon arrival the woman told deputies that attacker was a young white male who was seen driving a red vehicle.

The victim stated that the man came to the door asking for gasoline and when she told him that she had none, the man attacked her causing serious injuries. While the woman stated that the man was holding a stick-like object, at this time it is unknown what the man used as a weapon. The woman was transported to a local hospital and is currently being treated for her injuries.

We feel that this suspect may have targeted other homes in the area. If you have had a stranger come to your door recently asking for gas, directions or any other story please call 330-287-5701 and share your information. You may also e-mail Capt. Hunter at


David Wickens said...

Wow! Sick people these days.. I remember when Wayne County was actually a safe place to live...

Anonymous said...

Good job on getting this predator