Friday, May 2, 2014

Two women are in custody after lengthy car chase

Two women are in custody after a lengthy car chase Thursday afternoon.

Deputy Brumme while on patrol noticed that the suspect vehicle displayed an expired license plate sticker as it passed his stationary location. Using his in-car computer, the deputy checked the plate and learned not only was it expired but the plate did not match the vehicle. The deputy also learned that there was an arrest warrant for the vehicles owner.

Upon learning this information the deputy attempted to stop the vehicle near Fry road and US 30. The driver of the vehicle refused to stop and lead the deputy on a chase that lasted 13 minutes with speeds approaching 100 mph.

Mechanical defects to the car caused it to stop near the intersection of SR 3 and Smyser road in Wooster Twp. At that time the two females were taken into custody. It was at that point that the deputy discovered that a 3 year old child was in the backseat of the vehicle. The deputy later learned that this child was the son of the female passenger (and owner) of the car.

During a search of the car deputies located a large quantity of electronic devices and other property that the pair confessed to shoplifting from a local store.

Megan Hunt (24) of Mansfield was the driver of the vehicle and is now charged with fleeing, receiving stolen property and child endangering.

The mother of the child is Danielle Fliger (25) of Shiloh. Flinger is charged with receiving stolen property and unlawful entrustment (letting an unlicensed driver operate her car)

While driving without a license, shoplifting and fleeing from law enforcement are certainly serious crimes, having a small child in the vehicle while doing so takes the situation to a new level. This investigation into this matter continues and there is the possibility of additional charges.

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