Saturday, May 17, 2014

Deputy Receives Minor Injuries After Unusual Crash

One of our deputies and an Ashland man escaped serious visible injury after a crash that took place early saturday morning.

At approximately 2am Sgt. Peters and Deputy Fletcher were traveling westbound on US 30 east of Madison Ave responding to a call for service when a pickup truck driven by a 30 year old Ashland man passed Deputy Fletchers cruiser in the passing lane at a extremely high rate of speed .

After passing the first cruiser the man moved into the driving lane and struck Sgt. Peters cruiser in the rear causing both vehicles to go off the roadway into the median strip causing the truck to rollover.

The driver of the truck and Sgt. Peters were transported to the Wooster Community Hospital and treated for minor injuries. The crash is currently under investigation by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

As you view the photos of the damaged cruiser, take note that was driving on the highway when struck, not parked.

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