Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Deputies discover large amount of heroin during traffic stop

Early Saturday morning deputies stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and discovered over 140 grams of heroin in the possession of one of the occupants of the vehicle.

 While approaching the stopped vehicle, the deputy spotted a 23 year old Wooster man in the backseat of the car attempting to conceal something. Soon thereafter, a drug detecting K9 form the Wooster police department was used and indicated to the odor of illegal drugs inside the car.

The deputies then conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle and located two packages of heroin in the area that the man was seen hiding objects.

 The man was arrested and later told deputies that he had obtained the heroin earlier in the evening in Detroit.

This is a large amount of heroin and is valued at over $30,000.00. This is a drug that was heading directly to the streets of Wooster and the surrounding area. The suspect in this case is currently facing first degree felony charges and a mandatory 10 year prison sentence.

The investigation into this matter is ongoing and there are several others connected to this case who may be facing additional charges in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Good work men! This drug is killing people young and old. Get this crap off the streets