Friday, November 8, 2013

Drug Dealers Arrested in MEDWAY Round-up

A total of 23 people were indicted (12 total were arrested -10 on Thursday and two more Oct. 31) on a variety of drug trafficking charges, mostly in prescription opiate-based pills. Medway led an operation to serve arrest warrants on those described mostly as mid-level drug dealers.

Arrested in the round-up were:

-- Marilyn Greathouse, 51, 1111 N. Elm St., Apt. J, Orrville; trafficking in oxycodone within the vicinity of a school

-- Alan Brunet, 44, 89 W. Hill Ave., Rittman; multiple counts of trafficking in suboxone

-- Charles Honaker, 43, 13826 Hametown Road, Doylestown; two counts of trafficking in heroin, trafficking in oxycodone

-- Sara Williams, 29, 794 E. Sterling Road, Creston; four counts of trafficking in heroin

-- Corri Pettijohn, 37, 140 S. Main St., Rittman; two counts of trafficking in heroin

-- Michele Mueller, 30, 84 W. Liberty St., Rittman; trafficking in heroin

-- Anton Easter, 44, 1873 Collier Road, Akron; two counts of trafficking in cocaine

-- Arthur Brunette, 45, 28 E. Ohio St., Rittman; two counts of trafficking in heroin, two counts of trafficking in cocaine, and one count of trafficking percocet (a Schedule II narcotic)

-- Jerry Moore, Jr., 44, 1081⁄2 Maple Ave., Creston; two counts of trafficking in heroin and illegal assembly of chemicals used to manufacture drugs

-- Kylie Rader, 34, 1081⁄2 Maple Ave., Creston; trafficking in suboxone

-- Joe Cook, 23, 62 E. Market St., Seville; trafficking in heroin

Even though this drug roundup was not as big as most, Sheriff Travis Hutchinson said it was beneficial. He likes getting drug dealers off of the streets as quickly as possible.

"I want these people to know they are not welcome in Wayne County," Hutchinson said. "They need to know if they come here, we are going to aggressively pursue them."


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