Thursday, October 31, 2013

Homeless Sex Offender?

The question often comes up “how can a registered sex offender be classified as homeless?”

At any given time we have 4-5 of these offenders listed as “homeless”. These individuals have no permanent address and are required to check into our office EACH DAY and report the location they spent the night. Often people say that these people should be in jail if they do not have a home. Sorry, the law does not allow for this.

We continually take steps to verify the addresses of our offenders. When violations are found the cases are presented for prosecution.

It is worth mentioning that the persons shown on our list are offenders who have been caught. At any given time there are many, many more, sex offenders who have not been caught, reported or convicted.

Sex offender notifications give us an opportunity to be made aware of those offenders who have been caught and convicted and to take necessary precautions such as not allowing our children to develop relationships with registrants. Do not make the mistake of believing that you and your children will be safe by focusing all of your prevention efforts on those that have been caught and convicted. This false sense of security gives sexual predators that have not been caught and convicted the opportunity to access and sexually victimize children.

Take a moment to speak to your children about this topic. The majority of offenders who violate against children are persons the child knows. Warning your child about the man standing on the corner in the trench coat handing out candy might be a good idea but do not rule out family members or others who might have access to the child.

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