Friday, June 28, 2013

Eileen Balliett 53 years on the job!

Not many people can say they have over 50 years of experience, but our own Eileen Balliett finished her career today with a total 53 years with the Sheriff's Office. She was the Civil Secretary/Bookkeeper.

Eileen began her career with the Sheriff’s Office in 1958 and retired in 1991 with 33 years of service. She returned to work at the Sheriff’s Office in 1993, after having retired, and has been working full-time ever since. Many visitors to the Wayne County Courthouse may recall Eileen's office being at the top of the stairs for many years prior to the civil office being moved into the Justice Center.

Eileen was directly responsible for all fiscal processing of civil papers and civil funds from home foreclosure sales in Wayne County. Eileen during her career has performed, at one time or another, all of the administrative functions. When she first started her secretarial duties included dispatching for the Sheriff’s Office. Eileen is looking forward to spending more time with her family and new baby grandson. She plan to travel and enjoy herself.
Eileen has worked under five Sheriffs. Glen Rike, Jim Frost, Loran Alexander, Tom Maurer and Travis Hutchinson.
Eileen will be greatly missed by everyone at the Sheriff's Office and we all wish her well!

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