Monday, December 10, 2012

Annual awards ceremony

Deputy Bill Bobbitt

This year the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office held its annual awards ceremony on December 5th. and several awards were presented.

Service Award-

An Excellence in Service Award was issued to Deputy Bill Bobbitt. Deputy Bobbitt started his career July 1997. This award was given to Deputy Bobbitt stemming from an “off-duty” incident on September 20, 2011. While vacationing in Ontario, Canada, he was notified that a woman feared her husband dropped overboard in a lake while fishing. Deputy Bobbitt tendered his boat to the lake and there began a search of the waters. He and another man located the individual, pulled him into their boat, performed CPR of rover 30 minutes, but were unable to resuscitate the man. In October Deputy Bobbitt was awarded “Commissioner Citation” for his bravery by the Ontario Provincial Police. “What Bill did in attempting to recue another person and placing himself in harms way stands volumes as to his personal character and the kind of man he is”, said Sheriff Thomas G. Maurer.

Officer’s of the Year-


Deputy Diana Wentworth

Deputy Diana Wentworth-

Deputy Wentworth began her career with the Sheriff’s Office in May of 2005.  Deputy Wentworth was selected by her supervisors and peers who said; she is one of the hardest working deputies most have ever worked with, she constantly replaces deputies due to call- offs, always has an upbeat attitude about the job and life, and knows her duties well.

Deputy Eric Peters
Law Enforcement Division-

Deputy Eric Peters-

Deputy Peters was selected based on overall performance in the law enforcement division. During the past year, he has demonstrated his ability to effectively investigate criminal cases, serve arrest warrants and enforce traffic violations. Beginning his career in October of 2006, he continues to set high standards for himself. He is always consistently near the top of the law enforcement division with his statistics, this deputy is a great example of “doing it all” and “doing it well”.

Civilian Division-

This year the Administration’s division has stepped up to the plate and has done more than ever before. During the year we have not replaced personnel which left making additional work for everyone. Secretaries, financial personnel, civil bookkeeper and processor and human services deputy all performed admirably. In voting for the person to receive the award, all voted for someone different and not one person voted for themselves. Therefore, all division personnel were awarded the title.

Deputy Michele Pratt

Reserve Deputy of the Year-

Deputy Michele Pratt was selected by her peers as the Reserve Officer of the Year. Deputy Pratt began her service with the Sheriff’s Office in January 2007.  Conducting numerous duties such as; visitations and prisoner transports. DeputyPratt is also the Office’s representative in the mounted division with her horse Pete, who is also a certified law enforcement work horse.