Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dangerous Dog Warning

File Photo...not the actual dog.

Update from the Wayne County Humane Society... Nov 6th, 2012

 In further discussions with the owner of the dog that was killed and the second witness from the same day, we now believe the dog is a 100-pound tan Cane Corso that looks like a show dog (well groomed), which means it's someone's dog. The photo above is of the type of dog we are looking for. This photo IS NOT the actual dog.

We are posting this for the Wayne County Humane Society...

There's a dangerous dog running at large about 3 miles NW of Shreve in the vicinity of S Elyria Road and Millbrook Road.

The dog has been described as a light brown and white Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Mastiff mix, although the latter is probably because of the dog's size. This dog killed an older Shepherd/Spitz mix that was chained outside on Oct 31st 2012, around 11AM. If you see this dog, call the Dog Warden at 330.262.0152, Extension 103, between the hours 8A to 5P, Mon-Fri. After hours, call the Sheriff's Office. Until this dog is caught, we recommend residents in the area take the following precautions:
  • Do not approach this dog
  • Do not allow young children to walk to a bus stop or play outside unattended
  • Do not leave your pets outside unattended
  • Monitor your small livestock and, if possible, do not leave them unattended
  • Do not enter an outbuilding that could shelter this dog unannounced
  • Do not kill this dog unless it's to prevent injury or death to people or livestock at the time it's chasing, threatening or harassing. If you must kill the dog, please avoid damaging the dog's head and notify us or the Wayne County Health Department immediately so a rabies test determination can be made.
If it can be done safely, please take a picture of the dog and email it to
Check this website ( for the latest status on this dog