Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Can you spot a sex offender?

Often people think they can “spot” a sex offender. Please take a moment to review the 160 REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS that we have here in Wayne County. Take note, they are different in age, race sex and appearance.

 It is critical that we teach our children to report inappropriate contact by others.

 Teaching your child about strangers is not enough. The bulk of offenders are NOT strangers to the child. The offender generally has access to the child and may want increasing “private time” with the victim. Many offenders are family members.

 When speaking to your child on this topic (you will right?) encourage them to avoid keeping secrets. Offenders always tell the victim “not to tell” and will often make threats of various levels. Tell your child that if they think “Uh Oh” they need to tell a trusted adult right away.

 Understand that that registered sex offenders are the ones who have been caught. There are many more offenders who have intimidated their victims into “keeping secrets” the fact that a person is not on this list proves nothing.

 Speak to your child today.