Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ohio's new texting ban goes into effect on Friday

Ohio's new texting (while driving) ban goes into effect on Friday. Below is a re-cap of the law.
  • Adults (Texting Ban) – Prohibits writing, sending or reading text-based communication while driving Secondary Offense – must be stopped for another moving violation first. 
  • Exceptions– - Contacting emergency providers -
  • Making or receiving phone calls - Receiving wireless messages via radio waves -
  • Navigating - Receiving safety-related information, including emergency, traffic or weather alerts; or data used primarily by the motor vehicle -
  • Voice-operated / hands-free texting - In a stationary position, outside the lane of travel -
  • A person driving a public safety vehicle, who uses a handheld electronic wireless communications device in the course of the person’s duties -
  • Local laws across Ohio that are equivalent to or stronger than the state’s law will take precedence over state’s adult texting while driving ban. -

Minors (Full electronic wireless communications ban)-

  • Prohibits any driver under the age of 18 from using, in any manner, an electronic wireless communications device while driving.
  •  Primary Offense – Can be pulled over for this offense - Penalties- $150 fine and 60 day license suspension - Repeat offenders – $300 fine and 1-year license suspension -
  • Exceptions – - Contacting emergency providers - In a stationary position, outside the lane of travel -
  •  Using a navigation device in a voice-operates / hands-free manner (must not manipulate the device while driving)