Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sheriff Seals Time Capsule for 50 years!

Sheriff Maurer and Tom Marak sealing the capsule.

Last monday a time capsule containing a 2012 deputy duty uniform, a Blackberry, restraints, and photos, documents and press clippings representing the office’s history.

Sealing the capsule was Thomas Marak of Time capsules inc. Marak explained that the process of sealing the capsule involved removing the oxygen from inside of the airtight box and replacing it with with dry argon gas, the process neutralizes the acidity of the paper inside the box and extends its life expectancy from 25 to 40 times that of untreated paper. The capsule is guaranteed for 500 years.

The plan is for the capsule to be opened in 50 years.

The time capsule was donated in part by the Wooster Glass Co., Wayne County Sheriff's Reserves, Sign Design, Chapman Memorial, the Greg Long family, the Rick Johnson family and the Tom Maurer family.