Monday, July 9, 2012

Unusual littering case

Deputies were called to an unusual situation Sunday evening when a man called to report that he had seen what appeared to be a body in Chippewa Creek near Black Diamond Rd in Chippewa Twp.

Deputy Fletcher finds a bone.
Deputies responded to the scene at around 9PM and received assistance from the Chippewa Twp fire dept. Deputy Fletcher soon donned a pair of hip-waders and entered the creek in search of the body. 

Almost immediately the deputy found a bone that appeared to be a vertebrae. As the search continued the deputy discovered the “body” submerged in about two feet of water. The deputy slowly brought the body to the surface to discover that the body was not that of a human but rather that of a pig.
It appears that upon the conclusion of a “hog roast” someone discarded the remains into the creek.