Friday, March 9, 2012

The following theft, burglary or breaking and entering cases were reported to our office between Feb 26th and March 4th. We are providing this information so you can be aware of criminal activity that may be taking place in your neighborhood.

(Canaan Twp.) Burglary... (No forced entry) 2700 Block of E. Britton Rd. A television was taken.

(Sugar Creek Twp )Theft... 4800 Block of Kidron Rd, A Kawasaki RX 60 motorcycle was taken.

(Wooster Twp ) Theft... 6000 Block of Millbrook Rd. A car was stolen and recovered a short distance away, crashed.

(Chippewa Twp ) Theft... 14000 Block of Hametown Rd., Chippewa Twp. A landscaping trailer was taken.

(Milton Twp ) B&E 13000 Block of Kaufman Ave. Milton Twp. Money was taken.

(East Union Twp) Burglary... 10000 Block of E. Old Lincoln Way. Three saddles and an air compressor were taken.

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