Friday, December 30, 2011

"Officers of the year" for 2011

During a recent awards luncheon, Sheriff Thomas G. Maurer announced the following officers as recipients of “officer of the year awards” within the divisions of the Sheriff’s Office.
Corrections Division-

Nurse Beth Gift-

Beth was chosen by her peers for her excellent service during this past year. Starting her career in February 1988, Nurse Gift has been instrumental in maintaining and overseeing the National Jail Accreditation for Health within the jail. This is an on-site visit every two years where in depths review of the jails policies and procedures is completed. Nurse Gift was nominated for her professionalism, enthusiasm, friendliness and always someone you can depend upon to be there. She is also credited in the saving an inmates life during his time incarcerated in jail.

Administrative Division-

Deputy Bill Bobbitt-

Deputy Bobbitt was selected for his positive attitude and willingness to help wherever needed. Bill has worked in nearly every division of the office and the last being the Civil Division. From working in corrections to patrol to Child Support Enforcement Deputy Bobbitt has successful embraced each new job with a desire to do his best for the community. Bill is a veteran officer beginning his career in June 1985.

Law Enforcement Division-

Deputy Paul Brumme-

Deputy Brumme began his career with the Sheriff’s Office in December 2000. Selected by his peers Paul was noted for producing a high number of investigations, presentations for prosecution in courts, written reports, traffic stops and high work attendance. It is said that “Deputy Brumme always comes to work, to work”. Paul is the office’s liaison to Medway DEA, is crisis intervention specialist and has received multiple life savings awards during his career.

Reserve Division-

Deputy John Conlon-

Reserve Deputy Conlon began his “return volunteer service” with the Sheriff’s Office in July 2003. Serving as the units Chaplain, John brings energy and a sense of duty to the unit for the past many years. Deputy Conlon is a devoted member of the organization spending many Sundays assisting the sheriff in the duties of inmate visitations. John also is dedicated in attending fallen officer ceremonies throughout Ohio in honor of officers killed in the line of duty. All these qualities are why Deputy Conlon was chosen by his peers for 2011.

Others who were noted for service years at the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office

30 years- Captain Doug Hunter

25 years- Lieutenant Kurt Garrison, Sergeant Dave Woods

20 years- Deputy Richard Bolick, Secretary Karen Graham, Deputy Greg Odenkirk

15 years- Secretary Beth Farver, Deputy Sharon Anderson, Sergeant Ryan Koster, Deputy Scott Ries

10 years- Deputy Jeff Geib, Deputy Jason Hammitt, Deputy Steve Saurer, Deputy Adam Chellis, Deputy Jason Crawford, Deputy Jim Harkness, Deputy Doug Griffith

5 years- Deputy Rob Ecker ,Deputy Jason Whitman, Deputy Eric Peters, Deputy Chuck Waligura, Mental Health Counselor Vicky Pomarico

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