Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wooster man arrested after theft of pants.

Deputies arrested a Wooster man after his employer reported that the man had stolen three pair of jeans and a tee shirt from a Wooster Twp warehouse.
Richard Feero age 48 told the investigating deputy that he was not stealing the clothing, only borrowing it.

Feero elaborated and said that he had worn his girlfriend’s pants to work but found them to be uncomfortable.  In an attempt to seek comfort, Feero removed his girlfriend’s jeans and replaced them with a $140.00 designer pair from the warehouse inventory.

At the end of the workday Feero was confronted by his employer as he walked out the door not only wearing the stolen jeans but also having two pair in a bag he was carrying.

Feero told the deputy that he planed to wear the jeans home, wash them and then return them to the inventory. He had no explanation for the two additional pair he was carrying in the bag.

Feero, who was on felony probation was arrested and transported to the Wayne County Jail.

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