Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans fought and served so you did not have to.

Today is a day to honor our veterans. While you were sleeping during the night our men and women of the military were serving your country all around the globe.
Chances are that you will have contact with a veteran today. You may find them as a teacher, doctor, factory worker, public safety officer, a homeless man on the street or bagging your grocery’s. Their current profession does not matter. They served not only their country but yours.

While today is “their day” our veterans not going to be jumping up and down, waving their arms asking for attention. Veterans are just not like that. Most are humble about their service.

You know one, today make a point to say thank you or show some other act of kindness.

If you have served or are serving in the military we at the Wayne County Sheriff's Office wish to express our thankfulness for your service. Thank you.

As you watch the video clip below understand that these men and women fought and served so you did not have to.

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