Thursday, October 1, 2015

Can you ID the suspects?

We are attempting to identify the subjects that are shown in these photos. These images were taken on 9/26/15 at 10:30pm near Apple Creek. If you have information please call 330-287-5763.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Teen injured by stray bullet

Today Deputies responded to a report of a man who was injured after being hit in the head by a bullet.

After responding to the 6900 block of Zuercher Rd (north of US 250) deputies learned that the 17 year old was plowing a field with a team of horses when the teen felt a hard blow to the top of his head.

The young man then walked to his home and a neighbor called 911 on the victims behalf. The victim was then transported to the hospital where a .22 caliber bullet was removed from his head. The bullet did not penetrate the skull and the victim was treated and released.

It appears that the bullet was fired from a great distance away and simply fell from the sky and struck the victim. Neither the victim or others in the area report hearing any shots.
We believe that the round was fired by a person to was hunting or target shooting some distance away. Anyone with information should contact Captain Hunter at 330-287-5758.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Blankets, towels and canned food are needed for new dog shelter.

On behalf of the Wayne County Commissioners we are sharing  information below about new dog shelter. We have had a number of citizens inquire as to how they can help the dogs that are housed in the shelter. Currently we are in need of clean blankets and towels as well as canned dog food.
Those who are interested in making donations of these items may drop them off at the Wayne County Justice Center at 201 W. North St. Wooster Ohio.

 The Wayne County Commissioners are excited to announce the hiring of Dog Shelter Director Katelyn Lehman. Katelyn, a resident of Wayne County, operates a Dog Shelter in her current employment and brings valuable experience to the County’s new operation.

We appreciate your patience as we prepare the facility to make the transition from a private kennel to a public dog shelter. It is very important that we provide a safe and appropriate environment for the public and the dogs in the County’s new facility. The operation of a public dog shelter has some specific needs that are not needed in a private kennel, and we will be making those necessary changes.

We anticipate being open to the public by November 1, 2015. During this transition period, we will offer residents the ability to claim lost dogs from the Dog Shelter, but we will not be able to take dogs from the public.

The Sheriff will continue to be the County Dog Warden and they will continue to operate as normal.
After September 1, 2015, if you need to find out if your dog is in the Dog Shelter and/or arrange for pickup, please call the Sheriff’s Office at 330-287-5750, Option 4. The Sheriff’s Office will schedule your pickup time and collect any fees that may be due.

 Thank you for your patience during this transition period.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Found Lab/Pit mix

As the county makes the transition into a different dog shelter arrangement over the next few weeks you will notice that we will be posting more “found dog” pictures here.

We are sharing photos of dogs brought in by the dog warden in hopes that the owners can be found as
quickly as possible.

Suspect photo

We are attempting to identify the man shown in this photo. If you have information please call our 24 hour tip-line at 330-287-5763

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Found Boxer

This female boxer was found in the Overton area today. Please call 330-287-5751 if you are missing her.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lost dog from Rittman

Sharing a photo of a female dog brought in from the Rittman area by Deputy Chellis the dog warden today.